Jetzt neu der alternative Rock Song: "Pathfinder" by Ralf Christoph Kaiser und Band als free mp3 Download on -

Now the alternative rock song:"Pathfinder"by Ralf Christoph Kaiser and band as a free mp3 download on

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Dear friends of the music of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today I would like to introduce you to my band's new alternative rock song "Pathfinder". The song rocks properly with loud and shrill e-guitar sounds that groove together with the bass. The song gives you strength and frees you from old frustration, like when you just go out into the countryside and go for a walk in the forest and find a new path for yourself on which you can happily continue. On the cover you can see one of those paths that I liked to walk, flooded with light and in a wintry mood, as if there was a peace of mind behind all things. This song frees you from everyday burdens and then brings you on this peaceful light-flooded path in the aftermath ...
Come along on the journey and be enchanted with this song.

You get the free mp3 in 24 bit 48 KHz.

I thank you for your support!

Best regards
Ralf Christoph Kaiser and band
There are also lyrics for the song, but they are not on the song, but are printed here, as it were, like the package insert:

Pathfinder by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 10.10.2020


my life becomes a children's touch

with you my sexy women

i will be the truth man

like a sails man

i am in my best we can

saving the future

and living in the van

What should i do

without you

better we stay next door

i swept the floor

i am hungry like dorothy

and angry like a bird

better we like the pics

making some noise

best way is my choice

you are so sexy

i cant standd

the upcoming desire

please take me higher

i will still my thirst

by your side first

Thanks for being mine

just for this incredible time