Observations of the star Alnitak from the constellation of Orion and photos of a wormhole from February 6th, 2022 by Ralf Christoph Kaiser

Observations of the star Alnitak from the constellation of Orion and photos of a wormhole from February 6th, 2022 by Ralf Christoph Kaiser

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Last night I was again looking at the stars with my telescope. I am currently using a CANON EOS R camera and the Wallimex pro 1300 lens. I looked in the constellation of Orion left below center in the direction of the star Alnitak and there next to it I saw a delicate nebula that I had not seen before. Now after some internet research I know that these are called Nebula: The Hidden Fires of the Flaming Nebula. There is a very nice high resolution photograph from ESO of it:: Image sourced from the web by ESO

The latent fires of the Flame Nebula surrounding the star Alnitak in the constellation of Orion photographed by the European Southern Observatory in Austria.

My shot of it looks like this: (15 seconds exposure)

der Flammennebel in der Nähe von Alnitakt aufgenommen von Ralf Christoph Kaiser am 06.02.2022 in der Nähe von lahr in Deutschland

During my recording session, I repeatedly photographed a wormhole that leads to another dimension. You can see the wormhole as a black spot in my photos.

Please refer:

Wurmloch vom 06.02.2022 Nachts um 00:09 Uhr by Ralf Christoph Kaiser on thebedtimestory.online

This wormhole moved, or there were several that opened and closed one after the other. In the time between 00:03 and 00:16 it was visible several times in the night from 05.02. to 06.02.2022.
I suspect that these wormholes can also be visible to other observers who are familiar with astrophotography and observe the night starry sky between 00:03 on 02/06/2022 and 00:16 on 02/07/2022 and look towards Orion. There are definitely several places on Earth where this may still be visible at this time as I make this release because all major starry events typically travel around the globe for at least 24 hours. Anyway, that's my guess.

Another image I took of Alnitak is a close-up where I deliberately shook the camera to capture movement of the star and reveal the flashing rainbow colors. For this shot I exposed 1/4 second. See cover photo.

It was about 2 degrees Celsius last night and a bit windy, so it felt quite cold when taking photos, but the experience effect was great. In the meantime I spoiled myself with a shandy and puffed on a cigarillo. This is how star observations are fun in winter.

In the download package you get several photos of the Flame Nebula and nice shots of the star Alnitak. There are also several close-ups of the wormhole which looks like a black hole in the photo. You get the highest resolution images as I have them, with some original raw files and a very nice edit of the Orion constellation. Here you can see the spot in the Orion Nebula that I observed highlighted:

Sternbild Orion mit Bildausschnit Alnitak original Aufnahme von Ralf Christoph Kaiser


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