Pajama reading of poems by Ralf Christoph Kaiser from October 25th, 2022 as mp3 with over 12 minutes and as pdf download international version and HD sound wav

Pajama reading of poems by Ralf Christoph Kaiser from October 25th, 2022 as mp3 with over 12 minutes and as pdf download international version and HD sound wav

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Dear friends of the music and art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today I would like to pass on the pajama reading of poems by Ralf Christoph Kaiser to you here at by Ralf Christoph Kaiser. The poems were all created during October 2022 and bear witness to beautiful moments and experiences that were recorded lyrically, like diary notes, only in the form of poems.

Difficult situations are mastered with a little humor and a positive view of things. In the end, almost everything is a question of interpretation, but if you proceed respectfully and benevolently, then you will find new joyful experiences and an easier handling of otherwise difficult situations.

It's sometimes paradoxical, until recently I had a turnover of about 9000 euros per month and still call for help because of a lack of funds. However, it must be explained that a company with several employees and a publishing house is responsible for various employees and projects, is to be evaluated differently than a single private person, even if the turnover within 2 years is around 14,000 euros per month fell to just 9000 because of Corona. That was about 5000 euros less in sales per month, but the work still has to be done and the online portals should also continue to be maintained and maintained.

Mastering this difficulty, reducing costs by up to 40% and still getting as much as possible, that is crisis management. In addition, I would like to point out that sales do not equal profit. There are still 19% VAT that should be paid and social security contributions that have to be paid.

Anyone who has run their own company knows about it. And what is an entrepreneur supposed to live on in the end if the company's profit temporarily falls below 0??

Then you need loans and subsidies to keep everything going. Thank God something came at the right moment. But it is very clear that I was only able to survive to this point thanks to my family.

So I hope for a speedy recovery and you, as fans of this platform, can also help here. Please simply download a few of the contributions onto your mobile phone for a fee and help me to continue with this idea.

Thank you!

Now have fun with the pajama reading from October 25th, 2022.

Here are the lyrics:

The thanksgiving hymn is calling by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 06.10.2022

The thanksgiving hymn is calling

To Central America

The best Munster cheese with figs

Let's play the violins

On a hot tarte flambée

I would call for you forever

Just to know

How could it be

with you and me

With deep in and shiny eyes

In the middle and everything there

For a night with you and the gin

I hoped I win your heart

The howling of the wolves stopped

The parlor that buzzed

Milk and honey flowed

Until we poured ourselves into you

Thank you thank you and up

I find the better doorknob




The hungry beast satisfies its hunger by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 10/11/2022

The hungry beast satisfies its hunger

I thirst for the world

With fast seatbellt

The fury distortion tool gave us the honor

I crave peace despite

Despite bad manners

Get well soon in the inheritance

Move mountains by waving the fence post

Thank you and please

I really like smelling and smelling

Decomposition in the biogas plant

Helps for the winter days

Serious interlocutors

We would like to be among respected people

Grateful reissue


Of Jupiter and its moons

Better visibility

Good hospitality

I thank you everywhere

I still have some to anoint

Better in lilac

Dream yourself healthy and sleep again




A tavern with an extra tour by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 11.10.2022

A tavern with

Extra tour

A new cutie

With Hotel Lafour

Sparkling and sweet

Better Vegetables‘

Greetings again at the Oberon‘

The anger is gone

The beans are harvested

Relief fund and cornflakes for breakfast

roosters crows

hens run

There's penne again

self service

Better Pumpkin

Best we can

With a number in the van

Thank you thank you

We can





Now I escape the butcher by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 10/11/2022

Now I escape the butcher

Get rid of the mistake

Give me juice and cuddles

Have thankful company again

I'm really calm and gentle

Give way to my humility

In the room below me

I see beautiful eyes in front of me

feel love inside me

Full and thirsty

Strong and gentle

I take better care of myself

Am the Lurchi on suspicion

flowers and 8

laughter and strength

money and kindness

Thank you I'm kidding





Today the young warden by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 12.10.2022

Today the young guard

The beautiful gardens

memories of my youth

Big cinema

Until Drama Queen

Marched out backwards

Now cola wheat penetrated

Anticipation of crusty roast

May the good evening

Hardly expect

Pension or not, we need something for dessert

A second course would be too bold

Good mine had something against it






begin for winning in unity audits by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 14.10.2022

begin for winning in unity audits

with nothing left to sell

than my own life and heart

whispering friends wishing me gone away

shattering half blood horses

gathering all the clothes

we need to resolve our plan

i love my slosburry pan

digging for a whole

waiting for my loving soul

bleeding like never gone

without shouting out for my music

without a cue to do

with nothing than me and you

beep beep beep we were very fond of each other






A bit for the hit by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 10/14/2022

A bit for the hit

Better bytes for their smarts

winter and wolves

Game Boy and Goofy

Better half, me offside

Archway slightly bent in 2012

With the greater weight we had raised ourselves

The police just drove past, please

Autumn is calling

We already had the holes in the socks

Solar roof - made dollars

I practice the juice allowed

means and power

Far away from home

Please forgive me the knife up to the shaft




Potato Blessing by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 10/14/2022

potato blessing

ivy and hay

I am Seppel

And with everything

French cronies

Better Dogs

Good feed

And thank you Hempel

Thirst quenchers and blunders

milk from the stable

And horses in the yard

We've been to Dick and Doof




A beer mat and a wake-up call by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 10/16/2022

A coaster and an awakening

A tarte flambée with corners

A bishop to hide

Grateful friends

admiration and joy

I'll do my best today

Also for the better people






The intelligentia prevents the Razia by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 10/16/2022

The intelligentia prevents the razia

Hooray hooray the flash is clever again

Flowers and beautiful windows

The ghosts remain in the afterlife

Motorbike in full circle

Daft Punk at half mast

I laugh my ass off

wisdom and grandeur

We prefer to row in pairs

Balconies with a good view

Ground level terrace for better class

Thank you Thank you and raise your cups






The Creme Brule in the séparée by Ralf Christoph Kaiser October 16, 2022

The creme brule in the séparée

The landlady at four

I'm here again

Now the new cutie

A Kretzer for the better Snitch

The sweet fruit

I already had the scent

Even the better powers know

From the erroneous power

The gas station was on the spot

I love my companion

Real warm room

And Knave of Hearts

Pick ace and pick seven

i'm back over there






Hunger for the Waihe by Ralf Christoph Kaiser October 16, 2022

Hungry for the Waihe

Sauerkraut and blood sausage

I quench my thirst

Royal families and good mice

cheeky people

Big booty

We've been through thick and thin

Better profit beckons

Everything in there once







An evening like Monday evening by Ralf Christoph Kaiser October 20, 2022

An evening like Monday evening

Blizzard is through

The rain has fallen

We have some nuts

And grateful kisses

For a good hour

With better customer






There is still consolation by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 10/21/2022

There is still consolation

The Better Hos‘

I need more moss

The mushrooms sprout

I give myself Mr Blaster Disaster

With newspaper in the morning

Better Invention

Grateful bond






The world is coming together again by Ralf Christoph Kaiser October 22, 2022

The world is coming together again

There are friends far away

Grateful devotion

i see the stars

The coffee is good

The jukebox plays again

I'll top it off with breakfast

There are white sausages, pretzels and sweet mustard

Countess is the boss

The bugger kiss me number is passee

I go with the better lover

I say thank you and goodbye