Gedicht 1: Der Vollmond lacht mich vom Himmel an ein musikalisches Hörspiel als free mp3 Download -

Poem 1: The full moon laughs at me from the sky a musical radio play as a free mp3 download

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Now the second season at begins with musical poems. Today poem 1: The full moon I laugh from heaven a musical radio play as free mp3 download.

Enjoy it and thank you for your support!

Here you also get the text of the lyric by Ralf Christoph Kaiser:

The full moon 🌕 laughs at me from heaven on September 25, 2018

The full moon 🌕 laughs at me from the sky

I think about someday's love

The bars bend you with happiness

As much as I am delighted with you

The night rests over the city

I am grateful and full of delicious food

I still want a little love here

And rest from 12 to four

The early bird catches the worm

And the king hits the tower

The light alley calls

Me out of the crypt again

I crave your sweet smell

That beguiles more than any other addiction

I'll bring you some flowers again

If you tend to call me tenderly

If you knew what you were doing well

Would you be happy with lust?

And the former frustration is forgotten