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Poem 10: Full Range a musical poem by as a free download

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Dear friends of tonight I am publishing poem 10: "Full Range" a musical poem of extremes.
It plays with the word "full" in combination with other words. There are several eye-opening effects. When I set the poem to music today, I suddenly had doubts about our current scientifically recognized official majority worldview, which was founded several centuries ago by Nicolaus Copernicus by explaining that the earth moves around the sun and rotates around itself . Based on this poem based on the fiction "Full Speed", I could no longer imagine that the earth actually flies so fast that you can cover such great distances within a year to travel around the sun at the distance the earth to the sun to be safe. That would have to be so incredibly fast that I find it illogical that humans as astronauts hover in space outside of the earth's atmosphere and even almost stand still relative to the earth, because if the earth flies so fast that it can overcome such huge distances in space in logically, in such a short time, the earth would have to fly away from the astronaut, who supposedly hovers in space. So it is much more logical that outside the earth's atmosphere the gravitational pull is weaker and time does not exist in our earthly sense and the human being or astronaut is floating and weightless. In addition, the light of the sun is the light from the past that still shines on the earth and the moon is quasi the future of the earth, which throws the light of the past back onto the earth in the present. The earth itself is actually always in the present, that time flies here is actually only an illusion and an agreement of some living beings on earth who maintain this illusion together with many living beings on earth.

I say it would also be possible to get the environment and nature completely in order with the knowledge of what humanity already has today. We are currently seeing in the Corona crisis that suddenly many previously escalated CO2 values have improved so much that we already achieved the climate targets in many places in the first quarter of 2020. Now if most people believed that we could treat the earth with such care that we could continue to live here on the planet happily for a very, very long time and that we would spread more hope for it in cinema than hopeful films instead of horror, then we would be back in ok condition with the earth much faster than we dared to dream.
I think we should use this quarantine time to think about such things.
For example, the day before yesterday I carried my black TV down to the basement so that I stopped using TV whenever possible. Why? because I think that most of what we get to see on TV is actually either a pastime and the hope for a bright future is gradually changing. It feels like we're in a permanent, ongoing, gradual change process. Let's be honest, the new ideas that could give us hope and report positive things are much more important in the official media than negative reports. What would happen if we mostly change our perspective and tell of more positive events and report hope and well-being and spread joy?
It took quite a while for most people to believe that the earth was round instead of a disk. Now it's round, but how long will it take for most people to know that the majority of the earth can continue to be healthy? I think we would be there much faster than we originally hoped.
I hope you enjoy this rather critical poem.
Have a good night!
Your team

Here are the lyrics:

Full Range August 21, 2018

Full range

Full party

Full beer

Full here

Full respect

Full pool

Full billiards

Full streaming

Full screamin

Full speed

Full heat

Full of my love

Full in time

Full angel

Full brat

Full meat

Full beat

Full filling myself

Full being me