Gedicht 12: Ein Pfännchen auf dem Flämmchen ein musikalisches Gedicht by als free mp3 -

Poem 12: A pan on the flame a musical poem by as free mp3

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Dear friends of, today I am publishing the musical poem 12: "A pan on the flame". I am very grateful for the day today. I had a very delicious coffee in the company. Tonight I then recited and set this poem to music. It tells of the hopeful joy of partnering in love and being well looked after.
The instrumentation is the same as in poem 11. It plays the flute and an electric bass and a synthesizer. The synthesizer sounds a bit like an old electrical analog organ with slight distortion.
I hope you enjoy this piece.
Thanks for your support!
and good night!

Your team

Here are the lyrics:

A pan on the flame April 5, 2020

A pan on the flame

A serenade on the bench

A hand on the duckling

A ribbon for the deposit

Eggs flour and sugar as soon everything is in butter

With house, yard and enough feed