Gedicht 18: Die Magie der Astralen Liebe ein musikalisches Gedicht by The bedtime Story online als free mp3 Download -

Poem 18: The Magic of Astral Love a musical poem by The bedtime Story online as a free mp3 download

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Dear friends of music and art by Ralf Christoph Kaiser and The bedtime Story online. Tonight I am publishing musical poem No. 18: The Magic of Astral Love. It is a somewhat more elaborate musical poem. It has a playing time of over 9 minutes, so it is an extended version. It features an electric bass, strings, a Wurlizer, brass and percussion and timpani. Overall, it sounds a bit more moving and also more dramatically dynamic than before. On the one hand it plays around spherical brass sounds with a bass bouncing with joy, on the other hand the percussion underlines the drama. Overall, the music is powerful and playful at the same time. You get the mp3 for free download here today and in the Store you get the HD version of the piece and the sheet music.
The poem that is promised here is basically a dreamy reminder of lustful moments of astral true love. The warming and mana-infused True Love Liquer pours into the room and feels like a gentle caress and hug in happiness.
I hope you enjoy the piece.
Your team!

Thanks for your support!

Here are the lyrics:

Here are the lyrics:

The magic of astral love 09.10.2017

The magic of astral love

Heals us the lower instincts

Ethereal lust

Prevents frustration

Delicate astral scents

Sweeten our air

Great bliss blessed path

When I lie astral in bed with you

We're physically far away

But sometimes we are united astrally

I am so thankful for it

and keep opening the door

We are lucky

And our love brings us gold

Soft words

given through the gate of heaven

Almost like an angel

Let us feel rich

Richly gifted and grateful on top of that

I am me and like to be yours every now and then

together we will never be lonely again

No matter where I am

You always go and that is a win

A short call and I'm there

And hug you hooray

Such beneficial astral post

It's better than a sausage

It satisfies the ethereal hunger

And makes the soul plant the fertilizer

May she live and thrive

And forgive some earthly adversity

It's like honey, milk and chocolate

and brings out the gourmet mouth

It is usually the greatest pleasure

That's why I often like to walk

The quieter the minute

The mare neighs all the more intensely

If it unites astrally

And everything is better than it seems