Gedicht 4: "Der Vogel ruft" von The Bedtimestory online ein musikalisches Gedicht als gratis mp3 Download -

Poem 4: "The bird calls" from The Bedtimestory online a musical poem as a free mp3 download

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Today there is a new episode of Crazy Art House Productions: Poem 4: "The bird is calling" online now at as a free mp3 download.
It's total shit but so stupid that it's funny again. The classical music in the background is fooled by the electronic lead that plays along with it. The poem is recited by Ralf Christoph Kaiser with sublime seriousness, which really drives comedy to extremes.
We wish you lots of fun and always nice to please.
Love you and stuff
The team from The bedtime story online….

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Here are the lyrics

The bird calls September 19, 2018

The bird is calling

The brook ripples

My soul dangles

The sun ☀️ goes golden

My heart 💓 laughs cheerfully again

I will inform you

And improve my skills

I meet you astrally

And I'm as smooth as an eel

I whip up

Up to your lap

I love mein you mine

And would like to be with you

I give you a kiss 😘

While I'm sitting by the river

The moon is half in the sky

I like to fiddle with you

Thank god I'm back in my strength

And stand again in the juice 🥤

My fitness improves every minute

You are my good one again 😊🍀