Gedicht 5: "Ein Bisschen Jubel Trubel Eitelkeit" ein musikalisches Gedicht als gratis mp3 Download auf -

Poem 5: "A little cheering hustle and bustle vanity" a musical poem as a free mp3 download on

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Now there is poem 5: "A little cheer, hustle and bustle vanity" a musical poem as a free mp3 download on
This poem is a lusty love poem, with a bit of romance and a bit of joke. The lines rhyme with each other and stimulate the imagination of the listeners.
The poetry is seriously and expressively performed by Ralf Christoph Kaiser and accompanied by a sound carpet. In the background there is a driving beat and various sound noises that create a soundscape. In the foreground are cellos and trumpets and, in addition, an electronic lead that sounds a bit squeaky and thereby makes the whole cartoon. The classical music interludes are deliberately exaggerated and exaggerated and staged extra wrong, so you have to laugh at it. It is, as it were, folly classic. Some will think what a freak, but in fact it is powerful and extremely inspired, you just have to get involved in this comedy as a listener and a grin comes straight to your face.
So get to the bacon, listen and download.
Tears of laughter and high feelings are guaranteed.
Thanks for your support!
The Bedtime Story team online.

Here are the lyrics:

A little cheering hustle and bustle vanity September 21, 2018

A little cheering, hustle and bustle vanity

Well get it in loneliness

A little bit I miss you

Until I see you again

A bit of two on the Harley

Until I healed the harlequin

A bit of drugs for everyone

Until I feel happy again

A little bit you my good one

Please don't pull a pout

A little thanks 🙏🏻

I'm here again

I decorate my evening with true love

A bit of banquet

When my music is really fat

A good system amazes everyone

I cuddle with you in the down

A little kiss here

And pugs there

I'm back in hurray 😛