Gedicht 6: "Pfannkuchen Mozzarella Tomate" ein musikalisches Gedicht von Ralf Christoph Kaiser zum gratis mp3 Download auf -

Poem 6: "Pancake Mozzarella Tomato" a musical poem by Ralf Christoph Kaiser for free mp3 download on

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Dear friends of The Bedtimestory Online today, you will receive poem 6: "Pancakes with Mozzarella Tomato" by Ralf Christoph Kaiser as a musical poem as a free download. This song features an interesting soundscape with beat and sound noises in the background. In addition, cellos and trumpets and an electronic lead make the whole thing fun and make people laugh. The Electronic Lead is cartoony and always croaks in between, taking the whole thing seriously. The poem was created on November 6, 2018, after I was able to enjoy this delicious pancake with mozzarella tomato, which is mentioned here and which you can see on the cover.
Just delicious ;-)
Thanks to all Italian friends of this hour of happiness and happiness!
You can download the song for free here or listen to it on the website.
A little later tonight the lyrics will also be translated here in Italian, Spanish, French, English and Russian.
Thanks for everyone who participated here!
Good night and thank you for your support!
The Bedtimestory online

Here are the lyrics:

Pancakes 🥞 Mozzarella Tomato 🍅 November 6, 2018

Pancakes 🥞 Mozzarella Tomato 🍅

I play the gentle cantata

In addition a hot tea 🍵

In the evening I'm beautiful again (schee)

Lemon Suflee and Tiramisu

What would the world be without juhu and

I close my eyes again with pleasure

Dreams of next summer

When the sun shines again ☀️

Oh what bliss

I sit on the crown 👑