Gedicht: "Liebe ist" von Ralf Christoph Kaiser veröffentlicht auf als internationale Version -

Poem:"Liebe ist"by Ralf Christoph Kaiser published on as an international version

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Dear friends of art and poetry by Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today I would like to publish a poem that I wrote in May 2018. It laughed at me today while browsing. I am curious how it will be read in Italian, French, Spanish, Russian and English. You also determine; -)
Let this poem taste like fresh ripe raspberries straight from the bush ...
You will get a free download of a PDF with a cover image and all translations in 5 languages ...
Greetings and good night
Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser


Love is by Ralf Christoph Kaiser

love is

Life feels good

With you

love is

Life feels great

With the children

love is

Love feels right

With my true friends

love is

Life gives me hope

In my happy reality

love is

Life comes to me kindly

With my best vision

love is

Life is joy

In the respectful fullness

love is

Life brings beautiful experiences

In the 16th dimension

thank you