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Poem:"Pull me up on you"by Ralf Christoph Kaiser international version on

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Dear friends of the poems and lyrics by Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today I would like to publish another poem of mine: "Pull me up on you". It's an older poem that I wrote when I was just starting out. I discovered it today and noticed with astonishment that some of the things you can read in it, which I fictitiously invented and thought up at the time, have already come true in my life. The holiday in Ticino was a memory of my youth, but everything else fits very well with last summer. To want to escape the feeling of sadness, a little hope for a better future and renewed motivation to do my best. I already suspected all of this back then and have now discovered it again today. Probably there are 60 fiction and dreaming in my poems and 40 memories of past experiences, the whole thing shaken and stirred then results in the cocktail that suddenly gets good with a few rhyming words and is addictive for more, depending on how truthful the declared love comes across in it. For a few days now I have rediscovered reading for myself and it is a great pleasure to dive into the educated and valued literature of other writers again. I'm sure that will soon inspire me to write more poetry and writing again .....

Now the promised poem: "Pull me up on you" in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian as a free download.



Pull me up to you by Ralf Christoph Kaiser

When sadness culminates in self-abandonment

It's not far from the funeral

When fatigue is paired with indifference, the abyss is near

What comes after?

The resurrection?

Phoenix from the ashes?

Angels who climb down and show me the right way?

Love that sustains and nourishes itself?

Practical energy that courageously advances ...

Sporting pleasure with half load

And the sinking problems are at half mast

And the judicial cinnabar is also faded

And abundance saves our asses paired with true love

Let's start again as a star

Hardly anyone will miss the torture and no one will cry into the pillow from now on.

The joy returns with a little more of the great happinessk“

I hold your hand and instantly heal my mind

Tenderness is our best guidance

And so we keep coming into contact with love

And we heal the former scaffold and thank God again

That we exist and that he forgives us for our mistakes

We have buckets of lemonade on the courtyarde

When the prince kisses the princess

And we're going to Ticino together

A little vacation in nature is just good for us

Hiking and swimming and feasting on delicious food

What could be better than dreaming of how wonderful love experiences line our way

And I like to tell you I love you from the earth to the stars

Now I have found myself in you again and overcome my hopelessness; -)