Poems Cocktail 2 Reading by and with Ralf Christoph Kaiser 08/28/2021 in HD sound and as mp3 and PDF with international translation

Poems Cocktail 2 Reading by and with Ralf Christoph Kaiser 08/28/2021 in HD sound and as mp3 and PDF with international translation

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Dear friends of art and poetry by Ralf Christoph Kaiser, now you can recite new poems here on thebedtimestory.online as a reading from me on 08/28/2021. There are partly fictional experiences and partly experiences of astral worlds that I am describing and promoting here. The whole thing is a bit humorous and lyrically packed with words that sometimes rhyme with each other. You will get this reading in HD and as mp3 including cover graphics and the PDFs with the texts in the original and internationally translated into the languages: French, Italian, Spanish, English and Russian.
Thank you for your support!
lyrical greetings Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser and the team from Thebedtimestory.online.
Here are the lyrics:

It's nice to come home, by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 08/28/2021

It's nice to come home

When you are there

I feel loved

And hugs

We kiss tenderly

The cool shandy also hisses at 1:44 a.m.

This is where I went

88 kilometers detour

Twice back twice

I have your love, please

You are sweet like honey

As cozy as down

The family will be amazed

We whisper mature words to each other

So tender and soft

Like fresh towels in the closet

Like milk with chocolate

Like dragonflies that fly by

Copulation in the air while flying

Bend their tails in the process

We will ultimately win in this fight

Then we will find peace again

Here and over there

We carefully poke our noses

I did the 7



Iced coffee and Badita de Coco, by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 08/27/2021

Iced coffee and Badita de Coco

With a little banana and chocolate

You are sexy with your chest and your bottom

We order the better documentation

And complete the Sudoku

Then we end up in juhu

I'm watching you secretly

We love each other in no time

Just me and you

Thankfully we close the door at night

Schuhu and kucku

Close your eyes while kissing




Next Time it will be better, by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 08/27/2021

Next time it will be better

Every day a bit better

Once everything is included

Neither fish nor meat

Even the poorest are rich in heaven

A beer and a flop

I said stop

The clouds break up for it

I was on it yesterday

I'll give up my hope for it at the next Nani

Children's room full of residual waste

Better half in tulle tulle

Yuma was quite reluctant

She creates life in spite of destruction

Because it's always better to stop at the right moment

Eternal memory of something that should never be

The last burger is spicy for that!

Cross roads

And crosse toasts

We had with the kids

Now we have to overwinter 4 times for this



Neither nor End or, by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 08/27/2021

Neither nor End or

I never wanted more

But was always satisfied with it

Which never worked

Languish and drool

Envy and babble

We had that for daily soup

Now the smiling naked woman is the greatest hope on the Internet

Let's hope we can get away with it without a scab

As a child, you fell down quickly

When playing catch at the village festival

The scar on his knee lasted for years

Now it's time for other spirits

Back to the 80s

With the help of the 50s

Bring us the bright glow

I am me and sometimes yours

Superwomen and Touch me

Sound on the radio

My love was to wink

But I honor what is possible without clunkers

I'll just get one down as an alternative

The ex and hop

Was in the sex shop

I love your top again

The top hits come by themselves

I feel good alone



It feels like remembering forever, by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 08/25/2021

It feels like remembering forever

And farewell to cocktails

I could roar with longing

Roar with pleasure

Roar with joy

To see you again

It feels like your tongue is cut out

To be dumb as a fish

Splashing in the water

And messing around in the kitchen

Why am I murdered when I live?

I love spending a lot

And float with you in 7th heaven



I'm in the puff daddy, by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 08/25/2021

I'm in the brothel daddy

Just puffed with Green Mini

Hufflepuff and Hohenlohe

Now we have the better sole




Thanks to Spain, by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 08/25/2021

Thanks to Spain

All the earth is beautiful

I make up with myself

Better days

Im good will




The better buzzer, by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 08/25/2021

The better buzzer

And I'll give us a kiss

With love and schumsi

In the best bumsi




Rolling Stones in the ether, by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 08/25/2021

Rolling Stones in the ether

Quick and Nulli

I prevent the trouble

Better days

Enjoy your meal

My worries are forgotten





You dear favor of seduction, by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 08/23/2021

You fair favor of seduction

Tender touch

So sexy in white

you're hot

I know about it in my happy our with you

sometimes I'm bold

call out words of love to you

listen to the cook and take it easy

got the pepper steak am happy in no time

Many would like to join

And also a piece of happiness

I almost buried in front of it

But now the billions are back

You are the better explanation

from all Moravia

Always knows where the way is going

It's never too late for love

I would caress you

I know what you advise me to do

But it's so nice to know

that we share my pillow

I would kiss you many times

It's better than capsizing

We board the The Good Way of Life version

I'm already chirping and singing with pleasure

Above is the better gallion

and we heal the million