Short story:"The Extra-Terrestrial Cry for Help"and audio play by Ralf Christoph Kaiser for

Short story:"The Extra-Terrestrial Cry for Help"and audio play by Ralf Christoph Kaiser for

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Dear friends of Ralf Christoph Kaiser's music and art, today I would like to give you a short story with a radio play called "The Extraterrestrial Cry for Help".

It is about ethereal experiences on astral planes, during physical existence and a love adventure without a "happy ending".

The radio play is fictitious and simply strings together different experiences one after the other in an auditory way.

I'm glad you enjoy the art and stories and music here. You can read and listen to it online for free, but you can also buy it here in the store as an HD download with a 24-bit 96 kHz wav file and the story as a PDF in multiple languages, including cover graphics. You will then receive a direct download to your computer or mobile phone immediately after purchase.

Thank you for your support!

Now here's the story:


Short story The Extraterrestrial Cry for Helpf“

I wake up alone in my double bed at 7 in the morning and I hear your extraterrestrial cry for help.

I'm in Besoncon in France and I'm injured under a tree, please come!“

I didn't quite understand what that means in a figurative sense, but if you ask me to come, I'll come if I can.

An inner voice whispers to me that I should take something to eat with me.

Then later at the gas station I am advised to fill up for at least 50 euros because the journey would be a long one.

So I fill up as I was told and then set off for France.

On the way I stop at the bakery in the neighboring town and buy two pretzels with butter and a drink for the journey.

I ask if they heard my wife's cry for help there, but they didn't.

So I keep going.

In between, I stop at the quarry pond and go for a bathing without clothes, because I forgot my swimming gear in the hurry in the morning.

I'm the only swimmer in the lake at this time.

Later I cross the border to France.

I listen to classical music and constantly think about what to do now.

While I'm studying the map on my cell phone, I drive as far as possible outside the pay - motorways in the direction of Collmar, then on in the direction of Belford.

On the way I hear you again and suddenly we come together extraterrestrially and make love as I drive on.

It feels like you're saved now and I can turn around, but your request to drive to Besoncon still rings in my ears and I want to be sure that everything is fine.

I stop on the way and pee on the grass next to the road.

Then I reach Belford and drive through town.

A few people are about and it feels right to be here.

But I get the instruction from the divine level and from other souls that are connected to me to turn around.

I stop and look at the map.

It's still at least 2 hours' drive to Besoncon and I only have 30 euros left on my EC card.

The tank is half full, but will I be able to get back from there??

I'm beginning to doubt my plan and try to contact you via WhatsApp.

The messages from me seem to get through but you don't answer physically.

A couple of French seem amused by my stupidity and recommend me to turn around.

I'll turn around and drive back on the Autobahn this time.

At first my card does not work at the payment point.

I maneuver and take another entrance, the visa goes there and for 2.90 euros I escape to France towards home.

Then later my son calls and belatedly congratulates me on my birthday.

I am happy to hear him and tell him the story I experienced.

It's almost noon now. I eat my second pretzel. The pretzel which I actually brought for my wife.

There is a traffic jam on the highway due to a construction site.

Before that I had phoned my father and mother.

My mother invited me to come to Lake Constance next week.

I'm happy again now and feel a bit like I'm on vacation.

A field that we drive past on the country road is being watered with a large fountain.

I roll down the window and put my hand out as I drive past to get rid of the cool water.

French music is now playing from my favorite playlist.

Then, as I am already turning towards Freiburg on the road, I see an older VW Polo or something similar in beige in front of me and it is definitely a well-preserved vintage car from the 1990s.

I get curious and always follow her.

She has a Freiburg number plate so she has to go in the same direction.

Then after the border back in Germany in Breisach she notices me.

She looks at me through the rearview mirror and smiles.

I smile back and call out to her: let's go somewhere, anywhere you feel like it..“

She replies that I should keep my mouth shut so that nobody will notice and follow her.

She continues through the villages.

Her pace is rapid.

But then at a railroad crossing we stop at red and suddenly we have extraterrestrial sex.

It feels good. Like a connection in love with acceptance and joy and also with some vibration and goosebumps.

I squirm and moan, wanting to hug her.

The barrier goes up and we continue.

She pulls up perfectly so I can follow her.

But then later she accelerates and wants to escape from me.

We have a small race and I ask you to drive carefully.

She brakes before the next steep curve and then the speed limit is 30 again in town.

She suddenly turns into the industrial area.

I'm surprised, was hoping she'd find another nicer place for us to meet physically.

It's a garden center or something and she pulls up in the parking lot in front of it.

I pull up two seats next to her and roll down the window.

We both greet each other and talk briefly.

I ask her if she's free this afternoon.

She says no, but I stick with it and tell her that I have a present for her.

We both get out of the car and meet next to her vehicle.

She has bright eyes with a bit of green in them and looks a bit like my daughter only with black hair.

She has two tattoos and wears a green top.

I find her picture pretty and compliment her as I hand her my book of poems.

She says she studied literature and is interested in poetry.

I start a second attempt to win her over and ask if she would like to come with me to our rehearsal room to hear my music. I just had all the instruments and the amp in the car from my 50th birthday.

I say: I'll play you something and later I'll cook for us..“

She says no, she wants to shop here and already has plans.

In between we had both briefly told each other what the status is.

I said I visited my wife in France but we live separately.

She replied that she was in France to visit her boyfriend who had just bought a house.

I say: "Yes, then everything is fine with you."

She says: well and I realize that it might already be her ex-boyfriend.t.

I ask if I can hug her when I say goodbye - once and for all.

She shivers and turns away while saying no, she's not like that, and her dog would also be in the car..“

I didn't quite understand this connection.

I almost asked if I should sit next to the dog or watch him while she went shopping.

But it doesn't get that far. She wants to give me the book of poems back because she thinks it must have been far too expensive. I decline and say: no, it's self-published, please keep it..“

She is satisfied and accepts it happily.

I am grateful and say goodbye.

I pull out of the parking lot while she goes shopping, but somehow I'm very sad and I'm crying inside.

It was a lovely ride with her and a great pleasure to see and speak to.

But it's always bewitched. In the end, instead of a happy ending, there is rejection.g.

I'm still proud of myself that I dared to experience something and make contact again.

As I drive home I listen to the song I burn for you by Sting. The passage with the mega great bass increases my good mood again.e.

When I get home in the garage, I switch off the engine while I think about the fact that a film is urgently needed where the hero keeps making attempts to get to know a woman, but before the happy ending comes rejection. It would have to be an episodic film like night on earth only with the stories of love and rejection. This film would have to run until a woman takes pity on the protagonist and takes it up to her apartment, and a happy ending is still possible. The film could then be shown in two versions. In the version with the happy ending and in the version where that is no longer possible with the consequence of the suicide of the main actor.ellers.

Then the cinema-goers could decide for themselves which version they prefer.

Now I'm free for the rest of the day. Bottom up!!“