Sirius Nebula Musik Video und Astrophotography by Ralf Christoph Kaiser for Download on -

Sirius Nebula Music Video and Astrophotography by Ralf Christoph Kaiser for Download on

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Dear friends of and the art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, last night I photographed and filmed the stars again and this video ended. You can see the Sirius Nebula from the zodiac sign big dog.
The recording is played back at 16 the original speed, i.e. in a time loop. This makes the individual pictures much easier to see. The Sirius Nebula is in motion the whole time and as in time lapse you can see how the gas clouds form anew and how the colors shimmer. I put the song under the video: Celebratory dignitaries with orchestral music from me..
I hope you enjoy this video.
The download package, which you can download from me 60MB, contains the video in a resolution suitable for the mobile phone and also 5 beautiful photos of Sirius.s.
I thank you for your support!
Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser