Sommergewitter in C-Dur der neue Klassik Hit von Ralf Christoph Kaiser als free mp3 inklusive 4 original Gewitter Fotos in hoher Auflösung -

Summer thunderstorm in C major the new classic hit by Ralf Christoph Kaiser as free mp3 including 4 original thunderstorm photos in high resolution

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Hello dear friends of music and art from Ralf Christoph Kaiser and, today the new orchestral piece is finished: Summer storm in C major. You can hear the lightning and thunder implemented musically. In this music I recreated yesterday's intense experience of thunderstorms on the balcony and implemented it musically. For a large part, the work sounds like a chorale, which is however often broken up and leads to the highlights in the piece when it flashes and thunders. You see the lightning and you hear the thunder?

There are two versions of the work: Summer storms: Version 1 for small cast and Version 2 for medium cast. With version 2 I have octaveed some voices into the bass and the highs. So everything sounds even wider. In version 2 the piece sounds much more powerful and powerful and corresponds even more to the force and power of a thunderstorm.s.

I'm curious which version you like better.

You can get free mp3s of version 1 and version 2 here at The four original thunderstorm photographs by Ralf Christoph Kaiser are also included.

If you like the piece, you can buy the fan package from In the fan package, both versions are available in high resolution wav files with 32 bit 192 Khz. You will also get all the notes of both versions with full score and parts.

I hope you enjoy the work and thank you for your support!
Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser