Supernova im Sternbild Orion auf Beteigeuze Musikvideo und Astrophotography by Ralf Christoph Kaiser on -

Supernova in the constellation Orion on Betelgeuse Music video and astrophotography by Ralf Christoph Kaiser on

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Dear friends of and Ralf Christoph Kaiser, Today I publish my astrophotography with the observations of Betelgeuse from the constellation Orion. This sun is at least 20 times bigger than the sun we shine on earth every day. It is called Betelgeuse in the constellation Orion and is, so to speak, the past future of the sun and the earth that we can currently still see in the winter starry sky in the northern hemisphere. In my observations you can see how the approx. 20 times enlarged sun collides with the earth and there is a supernova. As I said in a distant future of the earth that now belongs to the past and will never be true in our current string; -. We can, so to speak, observe this past astrophysical theory about the end of the earth, which I still know from the 90s, that the sun supposedly enlarges 20 times and then collides with the earth now in the constellation Orion in the supernova of Betelgeuse. But for us life goes on in another reality; - We could not see this reality string of the earth in the sky in the distant future if it did not already belong to the past ... So all clear, it is just the long believed theory to see from the end of the earth right now, although we will go a completely different path here on earth. Seen in this light, it's comforting to know. In the cover photo you can see a large black shadow like a planet in front of Betelgeuse, which probably shows the earth before or during the collision with the sun in a distant future that is now history and is a thing of the past. The darkening of Betelgeuse, also called Orionis, which we were able to observe last year at times, seems to have been the time of the collision of earth and sun in the past reality of the earth from the
In the video that you can see here, you can watch the supernova in all its splendor. In the visible area there are many red, orange tones and also some green.
In the download package, in addition to the video, you can also get 5 very good recordings of Beuchteruze a Orionis with sensational enlargements and beautiful colors. You will also get the song from kaiser-musix: "Am Meer" in Real Audio 32 bit 44 Khz resolution lossless wav format as a feast for the ears for electronica lovers..

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If you want to see regular updates of my current astrophotos, you will also find it here:Instragram: kaisermusixofficial.
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