Der Bach ruft, klassiches Orchester Stück in E-Moll gratis mp3 und Musikvideo geeignet fürs Handy -

The Bach calls, classic orchestral piece in E minor free mp3 and music video suitable for mobile phones

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Dear friends of art and music from Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today I am publishing the new music video: "The Bach is calling" in E minor. It is a classic orchestral work with strings, brass and woodwinds and percussion. The piece is very moving and also a bit dramatic, but nonetheless consistently bright and positive and also somewhat optimistic.
I was in the ground today after working in the Black Forest and made this video. I walked barefoot through the cool stream. It was very nice and refreshing. There were even a few small fish in the stream with very clear and pure water. I really like this area where I shot the video. I used to go there several times a week to relax after work and enjoy nature. The video has a few highlights whenever I pass tree branches with leaves with the camera and in the second third there is an encounter with a dragonfly. There are some dragonflies there and this one little blue dragonfly that can be seen in the film appeared exactly where I was filming. I was allowed to come a little closer and watch you. Before she flew off again, she asked me to pan away so that your departure could be seen better. At the end of the film, the camera looks out over the bank embankment and out onto the meadow next to it. The music is in many places very well synchronized with the film and underlines in an artistic way what can be seen in the film. Although it is "only" a tracking shot along the stream, the interaction with the music creates many individual experiences, like in an adventure film. It's like a spectacle in a love drama with me, the camera and nature.
The music arose spontaneously tonight through my improvisational composition technique. You can download the sheet music from the store together with the HD sound file of the music. You get a free mp3 together with the video in a small file size for your mobile phone optimized at and a greeting card that you can share via Whatsapp you get at
For me, the production of such music pieces and videos is currently the best way to express myself artistically and to make the degraded works available through various channels. I'm happy if I can create art like this. I am also very honored if you look at these works and share them with each other, or leave me a message. I feel great respect for nature and I am grateful for every happy hour that I can spend in it, by doing art, or simply perceiving and absorbing everything. The smells of the forest or stream, the sounds of nearby animals or insects such as crickets chirping and bees flying by. Also to watch the clouds as they pass and change, how the sun sets, looks different every day. For me these are real feature films at the moment. I spend a lot of time at work in my company in front of the computer, but I have banished the television to the basement and also practice spending as much time offline as possible without a cell phone.
Now that digitization is spreading everywhere and my income is being generated, I only realize how important offline and analog is. How much more value a good conversation with another person is in real than 100 likes at Insta. The fascination of social media is huge because suddenly, across the country, global communication in virtual space became possible. Artists from all over the world show their works on the Internet like in a large museum. A huge variety and abundance. But suddenly I am happy again about a real hand-made original drawing by me, which is on the table, just as sketchy as it is. On slightly crinkled paper because of the water I used. An original that I pin on the wall and enjoy it changes 100 times more than a printed image in the 100,000th copy. My parents used to hang up our children's drawings and it was a great honor for me to see my works on the wall at home. Now I hang up my naive abstract sketches with oil pastel chalk again, with suns on them that look like they did when I was a child. It has its charm to rediscover the abstract naive painting of a 3 or 4 year old child. So simple and clear and so clear and abstract.
In the video you see here everything is exactly as it was when I walked through the stream today. Nothing is cut out or retouched. The picture is just as shaky as it is when you walk through a stream with your camera and go barefoot over many stones. I think it is as real as possible and at the same time as fabulous as possible because of the musical interpretation.
There are also mistakes in the music, but here, too, everything is as I have played it in, with no back and forth slipping and messing around and cutting and mixing. Simply as real as possible and just produced by me as a person. I use aids like the computer and my studio technique for the recording, but at the same time I try to realize the implementation as real as possible and as authentically as possible.

The notes with full score and parts and HD sound file can be found here:


Thank you for your support!

Best regards

Ralf Christoph Kaiser