Die komplette 3. Staffel mit den musikalischen Gedichten von Ralf Christoph Kaiser 11-20 für TheBedtimeStory.online in HD Sound, mp3 und alle Lyrics in 6 Sprachen - thebedtimestory.online

The complete 3rd season with the musical poems by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 11-20 for TheBedtimeStory.online in HD sound, mp3 and all lyrics in 6 languages

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Dear friends of music and art by Ralf Christoph Kaiser and The Bedtime Story online, from today there is the complete third season with all musical poems from 11-20 in HD sound and as mp3 and with all lyrics in the languages: English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish and German. The introductory texts for the works are also in 6 languages. You also get the cover graphics of all poems. There are 8 musical poems, 1 extra song: "Fee Your Mind" an orchestral work in a minor without lyrics and a short story with the "Fabel vom Regenwurm".
In total, the fan package offers over 1 hour of music.
The instruments that were used are: the flute, an analog organ that was slightly distorted, an electric bass and, in some pieces, the trombone and percussion.
They are all works that invite you to dream and inspire you.
I give you an overview of all titles here:
Poem 11: All-embracing love
Poem 12: A pan on the flame
Poem 13: Having a good time tonight
Poem 14: I missed you
Poem 15: Aquamarine
Poem 16: Flowers in th air
Poem 17: Peace
Poem 18: The Magic of Astral Love (in F Sharp Minor)
19: Story 1 The fable of the earthworm
20: Fee your mind ochestral work in A-minor

From poem 18: The Magic of Astral Love in F Sharp Minor there are also the sheet music in my RalfChristophKaiser.com Music and Sheet Music Store:

Now I wish you a lot of fun with the songs and the poems!

Attention, the download zip file has a file size of 1.9 GB. It's best to charge it on a computer with a fast internet connection.

Thanks for your support!

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser and the team from www.Thebedtimestory.online