The impossible probability of an impossible possibility Short story by Ralf Christoph Kaiser Chapters 10, 11 and 12 in international version in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Swedish

The impossible probability of an impossible possibility Short story by Ralf Christoph Kaiser Chapters 10, 11 and 12 in international version in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Swedish

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Dear friends of I would like to give you another continuation of the story:

The impossible probability of an impossible possibility short story by Ralf Christoph Kaiser chapters 10, 11 and 12

I am printing Chapter 10 here on the Internet for free, you can buy Chapters 11 and 12 together with Chapter 10 as a PDF download for 6.81 euros in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Swedish.

Chapter 10 Puppy Love

Sandra and Vera lived happily with their daughter Julia..
Julia grew up with the two of them and it took a long time before she asked why she had two moms instead of a mom and a dad, because there was still regular contact with the two men Fabian and Sven once a year, who had a 2 year younger man son lived together. The son's name was Frank and he got along very well with Julia, although they rarely met, it was always a great
Once they romped in the attic in Sandra's house and played there with the clothes that were still hanging in a closet from your grandfather. Grandpa had at

The fire brigade played as a clarinetist in the orchestra and his uniform, a large, wide coat with brass buttons and inner lining and collar, hung in the closet..
Julia and Frank were about 7 and 5 years old when they played there together and dressed up. Julia had just started school and Frank was still in kindergarten in a forest kindergarten.

Sandra Tim's brother also had children aged 8 and 6 and these two were also present so it was a big party with the children. Sometimes when they met, they sat around on the couch in Sandra's living room. This couch was huge and went around the corner. With the pillows that were lying there they usually had a pillow fight and romped and hugged each other over and under each other. That was the best time of your childhood when such meetings were possible. They met either at Christmas or at Easter and sometimes even at both festivals.n.

But then in the second grade, when Julia was 8 years old, her parents Sandra and Vera told Julia the whole story, how everything had happened, that you as two women wanted to have a child and how Fabian and Sven also wanted to have a child and how then Vera gave birth to Julia and 2 years later Frank. Julia had actually always sensed that Frank was very close to her, even though they met so seldom, but until then she hadn't realized that he was her brother.r.

Unfortunately, when she started high school at the age of 12 after elementary school, contact with Fabian, Sven and Frank broke off because they moved further away for professional reasons and Julia missed her brother Frank from time to time. Although she had many friends who lived in your area, it was always a little different with them. It felt less like family than with Frank, Fabian and Sven.n.
As a consolation, she was given a cat that she was allowed to feed and pet. In high school everything was much more serious and much more stressful than before in elementary school. She had to learn a lot more and as a balance to school she was allowed to go to the local volleyball club because she liked to play volleyball. In the team there she trained for competitions and occasionally won prizes at tournaments. Sport was very easy for her and she was able to keep herself busy in her free time. She trained twice a week and often played games with other teams from the area on the weekends. Your mam Sandra was very demanding here and always accompanied you to the games.ielen.
Vera, on the other hand, preferred to cook at home and spoiled everyone in the family with a good meal..
At 14 Julia fell in love with a boy from the parallel class. He was a slim intelligent fellow who was quite tall. His name was Jan and he played basketball in a club. Sometimes they would visit each other's competitions and cheer each other on. But the nicest time was always in summer, when it was bathing weather and the lake was warm enough for swimming. During this time you went to the lido almost every day after school and spent the time swimming and lounging there. There were several boys and girls from your class with usit

there. They were a large clique of about 8 who met regularly. In the house with the changing rooms and the kiosk there at the lido there was a table football game. Julia and Jan and Christian and Johannes regularly played a round of table football in fours. It was a great feeling to stand so close together while the air crackled to play table football against each other.rn.

They also regularly bought an ice cream at the kiosk, depending on how much pocket money was left.r.
From time to time, when there was wind, the boys went surfing. You were allowed to come along once. She got the board and the sail from Jan's brother. It was sensational to feel like standing on the board and suddenly picking up speed. At first she was a bit scared of falling back into the water, but once that happened to her, she realized that it didn't hurt at all and soon she dared to surf a little faster. She had the sail under control now and suddenly it felt like she was going to take off. The board came out of the water and glided smoothly and quickly over it. It felt like flying. Only once did she not know how to get back to land because the wind was blowing out to sea. Jan then explained to her that she always had to tack at an angle to the wind. It went back and forth several times, but then she was back on land but completely exhausted.g erschöpft.

For the time being she had had enough of surfing, because the sail was also quite heavy and her arms hurt a bit. She had sore muscles.
When she was 16, the time for the dance class came and she signed up for a dance class with Jan and the others from her class.

It was a bit exciting then, because there was often a change of partner and she also got to know other boys and girls better.n.
On the other side of the lake there was a disco called Wunderbar and many of your class went there in the evenings on weekends. A boy from the class two steps above her had his own car and four of them, or sometimes 5th or 6th, drove there. It was nice sitting in the back of the car so close together. They were touching all the time and the whole car was full of love.ebe.

The disco was so crowded that the only way to get to the counter was to touch everyone who stood in your way while forcing and pushing your way through. It was some muted colored lights with a light organ and loud music playing like: Tainted in Love by Soft Cell. It was really wonderful just like the title of the bar.der Bar.



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Chapter 11 Winter Sports Experiences

Chapter 12 manual work

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