The impossible probability of an impossible possibility short story by Ralf Christoph Kaiser chapters 4, 5 and 6 as PDF download in 7 languages

The impossible probability of an impossible possibility short story by Ralf Christoph Kaiser chapters 4, 5 and 6 as PDF download in 7 languages

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Dear friends of, today I would like to give you the continuation of the short story by Tallia and Sebastian to your friends and children as an international download in the languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Swedish.

I'm showing Chapter 4 here in advance for free on the Internet, you can buy Chapters 5 and 6 together with Chapter 4 for 6.88 euros here in the store.

The impossible probability of an impossible possibility short story by

Ralf Christoph Kaiser chapters 4, 5 and 6

Chapter 4 Reboot in Canada

Tallia and Sebastian have always been close friends since they grew up as children by the sea in Portugal. But after college, they unexpectedly went their separate ways and lost touch.

As the years passed, both Tallia and Sebastian went on to have successful careers and families of their own. But as they neared their 46th birthday, they found themselves thinking about their old friend more often.

One day, Tallia decided to reach out to Sebastian via social media. She texted him hoping he would remember her and be ready to meet up with her again. To her surprise, Sebastian replied almost immediately and they started chatting as if no time had passed.

In the process, Tallia and Sebastian realized that they still had strong feelings for each other. They started talking about their college days and all the things they had missed while going their separate ways.

Finally, Tallia and Sebastian decided to break away from their previous partnerships in order to start a new life together again. They returned to their seaside hometown in Portugal to celebrate their wedding feast with all their old friends. It was a happy reunion and everyone was happy to see Tallia and Sebastian so much in love.

The four children from their first marriage were also there. They were already grown up at 14 and 17, 19 and 21 years old and so it was a big colorful company.

After the wedding, Tallia and Sebastian moved to Canada to fulfill their dream of living a simple life surrounded by nature and space. They bought a small farm and populated it with animals that became like children to them. Tallia and Sebastian enjoyed working in this rural idyll. They took care of their farm and their animals and they were content with their new life together. Since they both had saved up quite a bit of money in the past, they could approach life on the farm relaxed.

Three years into her new life, Tallia gave birth to a son named Luca. Luca was a curious and adventurous little boy who loved playing on the farm and helping with the animals. He often spoke to them as if they were his friends, and the animals seemed to respond to him on a soul level.

"Hello, Mr. Cow!" Luca said one day as he approached a friendly looking cow. "How are you today""

The cow mooed softly in response and Luca laughed. He has always had a knack for animals and loved nothing more than spending his days on the farm with his furry friends.

One day Luca was playing with the farm dog, a friendly golden retriever named Leo.

"Leo, do you want to go for a walk?" asked Luca, throwing a ball across the yard..

Leo barked excitedly and ran after the ball, and Luca giggled as he ran after it.

But it wasn't just the larger animals that Luca enjoyed spending time with. He also had a special bond with the farm's two chickens and rooster, whom he had named Henrietta, Esther, and Chuck.

"Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!" Luca said as he approached the chicken coop one day..

"Good morning, Luca!" the two chickens replied in unison, flapping their wings happily while Chuck the rooster swaggered towards him and with a loud kickerickie you're in the right place! be welcome reciprocated.e.

As Luca grew older, he continued to thrive on the farm and developed a deep bond with the animals. He gave them individual names and spent hours each day playing with them and learning about nature.

Despite the challenges of life on the farm, Tallia and Sebastian were grateful for the simple and fulfilling life they got to experience together. They knew Luca would grow up to be kind and compassionate, thanks to the love and guidance of his parents and the animals that had become his closest companions.

In the end, Tallia and Sebastian's love story came full circle, and they lived happily ever after with their son and beloved animals on their farm in Canada.

You often received visits from your children from your first marriage, all of whom had started their training and studies in different regions of the world. Except for the youngest Mira, daughter of Tallia. She had been 14 when Tallia and Sebastian got married and had moved to Canada with Tallia and Sebastian. Mia's brother: Florian was 17 when they got married and lived with his father. Sebastian's children had already fledged at 19 and 21 when he married Tallia, but they regularly came to spend time with the pair during semester breaks. Each of the children, including the older ones, had their own room in the yard, which they could stay in at any time when they were

Mia, Luca's half-sister, was always a great role model for Luca in many things and like a teacher because she was so much older than him. Whenever Tallia and Sebastian needed a break, Mia took care of the babysitting and the parents could also go on trips and short trips.

The nearest school in the area was 4 kilometers away in the next town. A school bus went there, stopping at all the farms on the way and inviting the children. This bus also drove there in the morning and back at two different times in the afternoon.

Since Sebastian liked to cook and was always very happy about his own vegetables and eggs, Tallia and Sebastian were able to take turns in the household.

Things got a little chaotic at times, but overall the family was very happy.

On the edge of the yard there was a small deciduous forest, some of which still belonged to the yard. There the children had built a hut where they could hide and which was a secret retreat. Mia had built this hut together with a friend at the very beginning of her time in Canada and when Luca was 4 years old, Mia showed him the hut and told Luca where he could find the key.

The neighboring farm was directly adjacent to Tallia and Sebastian's farm and Mia often went horseback riding with the neighbor's daughter Lea.n.

Mia decided at the age of 21 that she would take over her parents' farm in the future and that's why she wanted to complete her training in forestry and agriculture nearby. She already knew everything she needed to know to be able to run the farm, but she had the ambition to get an organic certificate for the farm in the future and she also had the dream of her own new type of fruit that she would grow and for that she wanted to acquire all the knowledge she would need.


*Note: This story is a work of fiction and any resemblance to real ones
events or people is purely coincidental. The characters and events in this
Stories are purely the imagination of the author and are not meant to be
facts are considered.





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