Die Margerite mit Besuch Natur Fotografie by Ralf Christoph Kaiser für TheBedtimestory.online als gratis Download - thebedtimestory.online

The Marguerite with a visit to Nature Photography by Ralf Christoph Kaiser for TheBedtimestory.online as a free download

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Dear friends of art by Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today I start the 5th season of publications 31-40 on www.TheBedtimeStory.online. For the next 10 publications, I came up with the idea that nature photography is at stake. So pictures of flora and fauna partly with insects in the picture and from time to time also interesting cloud formations or animals in the picture.
The publication today contains two photographs of daisies who visit insects with respectful love. The title picture which I describe here clearly shows a larger insect which touches the daisy flower in iridescent green, I assume to eat dust from its flowers.
I didn't know this insect yet, so I can't pinpoint it, but it looks very interesting and shiny. Like an alien. Whether the flower notices something that this insect is visiting. Plants like flowers can feel that. So that the sun is shining is noticed by most of the flowers, because they then often only open. So the flowers react to light and water. I've also heard about plants reacting to music. Regulate them on touch. It may be like a slight tickle when this insect nibbles from the pollen. Thanks to the divine food, the flowers are fertilized and the fruit and the later seeds for the reproduction of the flower are made possible. Somehow so I understood that in school earlier in biology or in the epoch nature and plants customer. It is a nice thing when a lot of what you have learned in the past comes back to you in a beneficial way later in life and in some thing or activity that you are concerned with.gt.

The second photo shows another daisy flower on which at the same time two insects have their "Pretend". A larger fly and a smaller fly.
They both seem to be happy, although the smaller fly only sits on one petal outside the pollen.
I find the clarity of the petals in the daisy, which seems to be divided into three, very nice. The white petals are not ending in a single tip, but in three tips next to each other in the same petal. They also appear very bright white and reflect sunlight very strongly. The scent of a daisy is less tempting in my memory, but I find the look very appealing and I am happy every time I see something somewhere in the green.

You can download both photos here in the store in high resolution for free and use them freely. Please mention the photographer Ralf Christoph Kaiser and the website www.thebedtimestory.online when using them.nen.

I thank you!

Kind regards
Ralf Kaiser