der neue Alternative Rock Song: "Restarting now i got the know how" jetzt auch als free mp3 Download bei -

the new alternative rock song:"Restarting now i got the know how"now also as a free mp3 download at

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Hello everyone, it's been a long time since I got in touch, now there is good news: Me and my band have worked a bit in the studio and the result is this giant bison; - A song full of power and a really big thing. It sounds monsterly good and real. It is true rock music made for you with a lot of spirit and love. You can get the free mp3 here. Listening to it feels like you're right there in the studio while we're rocking live until the walls shake. The song works without vocals and plays perfectly in the ear, so that you want to hear it again and again..
I wish you a lot of joy with this huge cattle. Whether a bull or a cow calf is up to you, but the meadow is large, green and lush ...
Thanks for your support!
Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Band

You get the song in HD qualityhere in the Store

PS: I have attached the originally planned lyrics, which I left out. If you feel like it, you can create a cover version with the lyrics, or just use the song here as "sing along", just start singing somehow and send it to me, the best submissions will be awarded; -)


restarting now, I got the know how by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 23.09.2020

restarting now, I got the know how

i should have done a blow

deep down below

never did like the affected show

beside this monster glow

from my lips to the toe

i am older than joe

bit young than cowe

where did our love go

i only got the every day show

with me and my soul

the body owls

the reality fouls

the curtain falls

every day the night calls

i distinguish my balls

there are naughty trolls

saving my shoulders

having me like bolder

contemplating by knowing

answering while going

never the less holding

coming for dawning

yearning with glowing

tasting and receiving

wishing and giving

aiming and knitting

our mistakes forgiving

endless blessings hitting

only one thing missing

repacify the round table

hopefully we will be at least able to