Der neue Duft von Laborateur Ralf Christoph Kaiser: "mon amour mon cher - Deine Liebe zum Verzehr" -

The new fragrance from laboratory technician Ralf Christoph Kaiser:"mon amour mon cher - your love for consumption"

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Now the original fragrance: "Mon amour mon Cher - your love for consumption" in a 50 ml spray bottle with atomizer. Filling level approx. 20 ml.

This scent tastes of love and smooching and of a delicious pastry with plum and cinnamon.

It contains the scent of magnolia blossoms, plum blossoms and cherry blossoms, a little orange oil and orange blossoms scent, a small note of lavender and nutmeg, nut and cinnamon.

This fragrance is prepared very gently with only purely organic and ecological products and preserved on an alcohol basis.

The effect of the fragrance is phenomenal. Love and pleasure flow through the whole room and through the whole body, with one application.

You get the scent in the labeled 50 ml spray bottle with the A4 advertising banner as a printout on paper.

This fragrance and this room tray is only available once in this bottle and is unique in the world.

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Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser