Der neue Smash Hit von Ralf Christoph Kaiser und Kaiser Musix: "Salt and Pepper" auf als Free HD Sound Download -

The new smash hit by Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Kaiser Musix:"Salt and Pepper"on as a free HD sound download

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Dear friends of the music and art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Kaiser Musix and, today I am releasing a new alternative rock song that goes a bit towards metal. You can hear a very powerful drum and a smashy guitar and an ultra deep and concise bass. The combination of these three sounds gives trash metal with soft lyrics all credit.
I remember when I started playing drums in my youth during puberty and there was always a problem with the volume. Now I have remembered that time again. At that time there was a sticker on one of my basins that said: that's enough for me and that's about the feeling of this song. I have enough of longing to perish and to be permanently patronized and to fail again and again because of any rules and regulations of others, let alone really be present in my highest intention. This apparently leads to the fact that I keep trying to break the limits, only to then come true again by accepting the opposite aspect.erden.
If only it could be more peaceful and also more tenderly to assert oneself in a matter that is important to one, that would suit me very well.
But now the full guitar amp tube with full throttle metal drum kit for you for free; -)

Here are the lyrics to the song:

Salt and Pepper by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 07.09.2020

Salt and Pepper

Cheese and Onion

We will have the billions

and easy comes living

with you and me at thanks giving

Tomato Chilli

raspberry and bunch of grapes

there will be joyful experiences

and the fear is gone away

lucky live will stay

I Took a Picture of you

and hooked up with your friends

exploring new lands

life gives me a great chance

loving you and my glance

It is like an everlasting game

Lovebirds like every day again

Singing and swimming and flying

Trying to forget the last dying

Forgotten is the like hungry wolf crying

Rebirthing and wishing

To be again with you

Our love is true💕

I did smell the roast beef

You will be the chief again

If youll be kind and caressingg

I'll embrace youu

and ever like you

with trusted and boosting love

There is again my sweetheart

paying the bills

of all your wills


I recommend turning up the volume loudly and singing along if you're lovesick or something…

Thanks for your support!

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser