"Der Krake" Kurzgeschichte und Orchesterwerk by Ralf Christoph Kaiser - thebedtimestory.online

"Der Krake"short story and orchestral work by Ralf Christoph Kaiser

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Dear friends of the music and art of Ralf Christophk Kaiser on thebedtimestory.online, today I would like to introduce you to a new orchestral work which evokes "The Octopus" in an impressive and dramatic way. You can also find the matching short story in the form of a play: "The Octopus" in the international version.


I wish you a lot of fun with it!


"The Octopus" short story in the form of a play by Ralf Christoph Kaiser 04/30/2021:

Admiral: Your Highness must know that when the second ship was lost off Gibraltar, there was a storm and a huge octopus seemed to swallow this ship. We had no choice but to turn around and flee..“

Treasurer: Is it clear to you what it means if such a gem of a ship is lost with a full load on top of thatt?“

Captain: Believe me, it could have been worse, so we're glad the other 2 ships came back safelyn“

Your Highness: You're damn right there! After all, the fabrics and spices on the other two cargo ships are of irreplaceable value. addressed to the treasurer: Please calculate how much the profit is despite the lossist“

Admiral: We are very grateful to Your Highness, but you know, in order to sail around the world more safely, an additional escort boat with enough men and cannons would make sense..“

Hofmeister: We could finish the new ship from the shipyard and rig it by the next time the fleet runs outn“

Captain: It is more important to me than the number of cannons that the crew is good enough and that there is enough food on board::“

Your Highness: You get 100 kroner more to put together the better crew, for the additional gunboat..“
We also recommend a ship's cook who can also bring better food to the plate.“

Admiral: You are too kind, Your Majesty, we thank you respectfully, but you know there is a problem when the SPANISHERS COME BEFORE US. WE SHOULD BUILD BETTER FASTER AND MORE MANEUVERABLE SHIPS in order to be easier to maneuver in disputes on the high seas and also to be able to sail away better..“

Architect from the shipyard: Quite my speech, prefer to get by with a little less freight, but arrive more safely..“

Captain: I recommend two cargo ships and two companion frigates that are faster and fewer, but at the same time with good cannon equipment..“

Diplomat: A non-aggression pact with the Spaniards could be less costly and yet much more effective, in which we divide up the territories and assure that we can guide each other's ships freely.en.“

Your Highness: That would be very convenient for us, please draft a contract and send a boat with personnel to negotiate..“

Captain: It could take months for all ships on the move to find out which contract is currently valid!!“

Adviser at court: We recommend a special additional flag that signals: Peace, we have important information to deliver!n!“

Admiral: Alternatively, or at the same time, we could bypass the Spanish territories extensively until the new contract is valid..“

Your Highness: So be its“


After the negotiation outside the castle:

Captain to Admiral: Are you sure that Your Highness continues to believe this tale of the octopus while the pirates are getting stronger and unsettling the sea routesn?“

Admiral: You'd better keep your mouth shut about it. I think we can handle the boys with additional cannon frigates to defend the cargo ships, and these pirates also have to stay somewhere on land. I promise you that if we have only found out where they are going to retreat to after they have captured the foreign cargo, we will pursue them and have them executed, but until then we better keep quiet about what we saw. Offer every man from the team who was there an extra 5 crowns as silence money, so that nobody here at court finds out as long as possible.t.“

Captain: You are good, silence alone is not enough. The guys are now afraid of the pirates and besides, these animals seem to live like maggots in bacon from people who crowd around Black Beard. Just think what that load was worth! If the team there has a better share of the profits than our soldiers, I'll bet there'll be more defectors sooner than you'd like.st.“

Admiral: You may be right, but as soon as the first pirate is publicly executed here in town, that changes immediately! So we play for time and are the smarter ones. If necessary, you can also sell that to the more intelligent among the team and at the same time promise better care, as we will now have this for sure..“

Captain: Your word in God's ear, as the believers say so beautifully ;-))“

Both go off laughing.