Der Beweis, die wandernden Sterne am Himmel sind eine Illusion der Menschen auf der Erde -

The proof that the wandering stars in the sky are an illusion of the people on earth

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Dear friends of art and photography of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today I would like to show you a special discovery of my person and discuss it with you.
I took a photo yesterday at night looking west after 9:30 p.m. and exposed for about 2 hours and 13 minutes and 2 seconds. I used aperture 7.1 with a telephoto lens and set ISO 400. My camera is the Canon EOS R.
You can see the result attached as a free download. I examined the photo a little more closely and added a few zoom sections in 400x magnification. The exciting thing is, there are impossible things to see that do not match the current contemporary worldview.
You can see how individual wandering stars like the WEGA, for example, wander through the picture as bright stripes while many small individual green, purple and yellow dots like fixed planets simply stand there fixed to earth and do not move.
I now have the following theory:
1. Either these planets are so far away from Earth that their movement still looks like a point with an exposure of 2 hours and 13 minutes and 1 seconds,
2. They are actually fixed planets, which have not really been discussed in detail so far officially and always remain fixed to earth. If that is the case, then that would mean that the earth does not actually rotate at all, but that the stars that rotate around the earth in the firmament are actually only an illusion of the people of the future of the earth, which already existed in the past was true. That means in this reality the visible moving stars in the consciousness of the people circle around the earth as their collective illusion. The planets that are visible in my recordings as a fix to the earth could therefore represent a possible distant future of the earth, which has just not come true, so these planets or celestial bodies do not yet circle around the earth in the collective consciousness of people for everyone to perceive have remained distantly outside of this reality so far. My assumption is that in about 7 years it will come to this that these celestial bodies start to shine and from then on they also rotate around the earth or around the pole star, or around the center near the pole star, since the Pole Star itself rotates around the center and is no longer itself in the center.
Perhaps these celestial bodies that can be seen are beings and souls who are still incarnating on earth and are currently only recognizable under certain conditions in their approach to physical earth.
This is all a rather ocult future theory, but for me it is based on years of observation of the stars and the moon and on conversations I was able to have with astronauts and employees of NASA and ESA.
I also believe that the moon is also just an illusion of human beings that circles the earth in the collective reality of human beings and wanders as a reminder of a past future of the earth, which is still visible and is preserved here.
You can call Nasa and ask whether they have seen the moon from orbit, you will get the answer that there is no longer a moon and the sun does not always shine from the same direction, but the light of The earth's past shines sometimes from one direction and sometimes from the other. Therefore it is very dangerous for humans to leave the earth, if not impossible to come back in a healthy state. You are traveling, so to speak, into a past of the earth that is so far in the future that the astronauts would get sick on their return.
My guess is that almost all astronauts who have left the earth so far died before they could come back, at least if they were further away from the earth and longer than 1 day.
In addition, only the near-earth orbit has been explored so far. It is terrible to know that so many astronauts have traveled to their deaths, but I think we owe it to mankind to know the truth about these things and I advocate that there should be official statements from NASA and ESA etc. which correspond to the actual facts.

If people want to travel in space in the future and also want to return healthy, then there must be a change in the collective consciousness of the majority of people on earth, so that it is possible to return in a healthy state.

Just knowing about impossible things as an experience on the journey in orbit makes people sick here on earth if they cannot share their knowledge and find confirmation in it.

It would be like if a person of the future is dependent on certain vitamin supplements to stay healthy, but comes back after landing in the middle arteries of the earth and these vitamins are not available there. He would get sick instantly.