Drei mal ich in der langzeitbelichteten Nachtaufnahme und free mp3 Stake Holder Value by Ralf Christoph Kaiser - thebedtimestory.online

Three times me in the long exposure night shot and free mp3 stake holder value by Ralf Christoph Kaiser

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Dear friends of music and art from Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today I would like to give you a special photo of me. It is a night shot with long exposure. The longest exposure I have made on a photo so far with an exposure time of 8 minutes. On it you see a stopelacker and a straw bale, the starry sky with many stars whose career can be seen as a line and me in the lower third of the picture. I appear in the picture 3 times in different positions like in time lapse. I just walked through the picture during the recording and illuminated myself with the flashlight from my cell phone a few times and stayed in one position for a long time. It now looks a bit like the air traffic controllers or parking assistants at an airport who give the pilot signals on how to drive on the tarmac with the machine. Let's hope the plane can start again soon. I like this picture and it also fits a little bit to the song I am giving you today as mp3. The song is called: Stake Holder Value and is a bit crazy now in Corona times, but maybe more important than ever.
Here is a description of the song:
At the beginning it sounds a bit cautious, as if you wanted to start an engine that you ignited several times until it started.

The flute is the business plan that is carried out to enable the financing of the project.

After a few more bars, the tenor trombone and the broad strings enter and play a dense sound carpet that stretches over a longer period of time and only changes from time to time as if the company was recovering thanks to the investors and Pick up speed and the situation on the market improves. In between there is a brief slump but otherwise a continuous increase with several long-lasting suspensions until you arrive with the troop on the high plateau in the Alps and enjoy a beautiful view.

The piece is over 5 minutes long and brings a few special elements in percussion with the use of castanets shortly before the end. As if the companions were riding on horseback…

I hope you enjoy the piece!

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser