Today in the restaurant a short story by Ralf Christoph Kaiser September 2022 international version

Today in the restaurant a short story by Ralf Christoph Kaiser September 2022 international version

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Dear friends of today I would like to present you a short story as a reading and as a PDF download entitled: "Today in the restaurant" The story is based on a true event and tells of a delicious dinner with a flirt.

Here is the text, have fun with the story:

Today in the restaurant - by Ralf Christoph Kaiser September 2022

I came a little late for something to eat and drink.

A few tables were set outside

At a table for four people set for two, there were still glasses from the previous guests.

I hesitated to sit there at first, but then the waitress cleared it

and I took a seat.

At the same time, a lady sat down next to her and made a phone call for two people at a neighboring table.

At first I wasn't sure what I wanted to eat.

Above all, I had a huge thirst and hunger for life..“

two tables further 4 people were sitting at the table, who had just finished eating when I ordered.

I read the card out loud.

Nothing really turned me on, maybe because I actually couldn't read in reality?

I tried to explain myself.

I had a trout in my mind, but the fish menu there didn't meet my expectations

So I read the steaks and my eye fell on the pepper steak, but that would have been with too little sauce.

So I chose the fillet tips with scharlot Riesling sauce and fries and salad.

When the waiter came I said I wanted a sweet wine.

As a surprise, she brought me a drop in a nice glass to try.

I was delighted and tasted the wine and found it to be good.

She then brought me 1/4 plate on ice and a glass of water with it.

I wasn't sure if my order was worth more than 50 euros and asked for a budget estimate.

It was a bit embarrassing, but I wanted to be on the safe side since I only had 50 euros with me.

The waitress said she would inform me about the current amount of my order

brought a greeting from the kitchen with tomato soup in a mini glass and some frothy cream with croutons

She told me I was around 41 euros, something up to date.

I said, ok then I'll fill up the 50 euros and take as much as the kitchen has to give.

First came the salad with some cress on top.

The green salad was a poem.

There were a few boiled carrots and some cabbage salad and some beetroot.

Magically tasty together with the cabinet dry and water.

The neighbor was on the phone all the time and I asked her to sit down a few times so we could talk together.

She acknowledged with friendly approval and simultaneous rejection.

This game went like three rounds,

Then the waiter came and took the red blanket from me and licked it on this lady's chest.

I was a little shocked because the blanket belonged to my imaginary partner, who was not physically at the table with me

I almost wanted to say: what do you mean by taking this blanket off,,

but at the same time the lady at the opposite table accepted it so gratefully that I noticed how much more correct it was with her now.

I said a few words about it, like: You've got this blanket right now and I almost envy you for itm“

That also surprised me about myself.

I almost shouted when the blanket was taken away and when the neighbor took the blanket and snuggled into it I was jealous of this lady and her blanket.

Just why?

Was the blanket at your table suddenly fitting and out of reach for me, although it was intended for me?

At least that's how it seemed to me, she was taken away without being accessible to me any longer.

I gave up on calling the neighbor and getting on with her until she actually stopped making her imaginary phone calls with her cell phone and instead hung up and spoke to me.

We told each other this and that until she asked directly how old I was

I said 50, which made her want to know how old I guessed you were.

Before I responded, she kindly pointed out that you should never ask a lady her age, let alone say it to her face.

But that's exactly what you put it on again somehow.

I tried to get out of the situation and paid her a few compliments

saying: the longer we talk to each other, the more beautiful you become.“.

which was actually happening in my head.

She was an old maid at first, sitting lonely at the next table talking on the phone while longing for company

and I was a lonely man who was hungry and thirsted even more

but at the same time barked around the scene in a rowdy and conceited manner.

At some point it became too colorful for those at the 4-person table

after the 4th chestnut fell from the tree and almost hit the parked cars.

from then on my money tap suddenly broke and I got in a bad mood.

I messed around a few times and drank the wine instead.

Then, thank God, the main course came and saved me.

I snapped several photos in delight via cell phone of the lump of meat with mushroom, gravy and bean side dish

When I tasted it I was reconciled with everyone again…

It was so perfect: tender and still slightly pink on the inside but not bloody.

The beans in bacon were also delicious together with the mushrooms.

There was also a bowl of fries, which my neighbor got upset about by saying

this actually included Rosamrin potatoes.

I secretly agreed with her, but when ordering I hadn't even considered that I would have had a choice.

To confirm that I loved the vulgar fries, I ate them with my hands, piece by piece, dipped in an onion sauce in a bowl.

I was intoxicated. It would have taken me 6 arms and 6 feet to eat everything there was and all the bells rang.

Then suddenly there was some hullabaloo and shouts from a distant audience

Chestnuts fell from the tree again and then there was silence.

A few more knives from behind that flew into the back, then I was apparently safe again.

The neighbor told me her whole family story and I listened politely

while I adored her and asked me to act out this one scene like in the theater

with the two of us starring in the play.

She declined to make a scene about it

but joked with the waitress about other guests who had left earlier.

I realized that at this point I almost collapsed on the floor with embarrassment because I didn't even know the other guests she was referring to, but the nuisance she was arguing about was actually me.

I couldn't let that stand and we flirted a bit more.

I gave her my business card and got very close to her

She accepted me with her full chest

gave me the whole broadside in the face

And I could almost feel how we were cuddling with each other.

It was like Blopsmilch with red wine

An orgasm with the lettuce in front of it and an excitement in the fillet while I cut it up and ate it

Suddenly in between I asked her to come over to me again, but she refused because she said that as long as I was eating she would rather stay with herself.

I thought maybe I could come over to your table,

but the idea of leaving my eaten plate next door and giving up the big seat at the table for four hurt me the moment I thought about it, so I declined that as well.

Thus the fronts were settled.

She got my blanket for the talk and the company

I an experience and good conversation while dining.

I asked you twice if we would meet again

because I would like to paint them…

She didn't give me an answer

or dodged it by saying that she painted herself.

What better answer should I have given to that??

ok: let me be your modelin?“

For another meeting?

Or had she speculated on going to my room with me that same evening?

Or anywhere, wherever?

That wasn't in my program at all, because we either take everything that's possible, or we just arrange to meet up for more.

Or, as in our case, we keep our distance and just fumble around from table to table with as much fun as possible and then say goodbye to each other

That's how it happened.

Instead of the predicted espresso that you went to in the meeting before for a cigarette afterwards from you

We both skipped dessert because:

I was already fed up

Apparently she didn't like sufflee

a creme bruelee for two with two spoons, which might have been in my budget, was definitely a bit too far and too far from etiquette.

She tried to make me understand that it was all about paying for her wine.

But I couldn't hear it on my ear.

Also, at first I thought she wanted me to order another 4tele for you, but I refused because the existing one was still half full and she was already quite drunk.

So I went in and just paid for my food and drinks plus a 6 euro tip

Of the 50 euros, I asked for 2 euros to be given back to me.

So to speak, as my tip for the whole campaign.

After all, I had done my role quite well.

What a dud, but played well by a reverent dreamer and a famous and sexy Lafayette…

In the download you get the story as a PDF in several languages and the radio play as well as the reading in German as an mp3.


Thank you for your support!

Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser