Trailer für Elbenland Epos by kaiser-musix und Ralf Christoph Kaiser featuring Ghosthack in HD Sound und als mp3 -

Trailer for Elbenland Epos by kaiser-musix and Ralf Christoph Kaiser featuring Ghosthack in HD sound and as mp3

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Dear friends of the music and art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today I would like to make a new production available for you to download here on, which awakens the longing for spiritual home and a bond with nature. Untouched wilderness and rainforest in combination with water, as you can see on the cover.
The song is called:Trailer for Elbenland Epos and was created in cooperation with Ghosthack, produced by Ralf Christoph Kaiser together with Kaiser-Musix; published on on 06/26/2021.
Elvish is spoken twice in the trailer. This Elvish cut-out goes straight to the heart, and those who feel connected to the Elbenland, but feel far away from it, want to cry almost loudly while listening to the pain of separation and longing ...
I wish you a lot of joy with this piece.
Love and Peace Ralf Christoph Kaiser on

PS:The cover photo is from yotrakbutda on Adobe