Wespe in Spinnen Netz und der electronica Song: "The Pretty Dolls" by Ralf Christoph Kaiser und Kaiser Musix, free mp3 Download und 720 Pixel Video Version - thebedtimestory.online

Waspe in Spinnen Netz and the electronica song:"The Pretty Dolls"by Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Kaiser Musix, free mp3 download and 720 pixel video version

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Dear friends of TheBedtimestory.online and the art of Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Kaiser Musix, I would like to present you a new sensational video today in which you can see a wasp in a spider's web and the spider processing its prey. The video is a close-up of that scene and you can even see the spider's mouth and eyes at work. I've never seen anything like it in real life and was very fascinated and surprised at the same time. It seems that the spider first spun the wasp with its thread and then, as can be seen in the video, bit in different places with its mouth and with its rump, as if it were giving the wasp your spider venom. Finally, the spider sucks out the wasp's soul by putting its mouth to the wasp's head. It's kind of terrible and terrifying on the one hand and interesting and fascinating in nature observation on the other. The electronica music piece that runs in the background is called "The Pretty Dolls" by Kaiser Musix and is a bit time-critical piece. From the emotional sound carpet, it fits in well with this scene.
I have recently developed a certain love for smaller spiders and also research their way of life and how they work. I found out that the spiders not only live on the victims you catch with your web, but also use the energy of the space. Apparently you also live from spiritual energy and and the soul and the spirit of an insect which ends up in its net is much more nutritious than the physical shell that is caught with it.
The spiders I watch also seem to molt from time to time. You then take off your old case and afterwards you are simply one lap bigger than before.
From the effect that you have in the room, I feel that you control the room on the astral levels in your direct environment and if you get along well with a spider that is even very helpful, because then it is like a protective shield in your own rooms .
I have given this spider, which you can see in the video here, the permission to live in my apartment like a roommate only in insect form.
The deal is, she guards the astral space and otherwise leaves me alone and I give her the space on the ceiling in the dining room, where she can catch something from time to time. The wasp was a baby wasp and still quite inexperienced. She first disturbed me eating cake and then got stuck in the net. I was very amazed what happened and later when the wasp was already spun in I took the camera and filmed it.
I think the recordings turned out pretty good ...

Here you get the video in 720 pixels size and a free mp3 of the song "The Pretty Dolls" by kaiser musix.

I wish you a lot of fun with the piece and the video!
Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser