Die Heimkehr ein Musik Video mit Klassischer Musik in A-Moll by Ralf Christoph Kaiser als free download - thebedtimestory.online

The homecoming a music video with classical music in A minor by Ralf Christoph Kaiser as free download

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Dear friends of music and art from Ralf Christoph Kaiser, today I had a wonderful time on the Rhine in the afternoon after work. There were only a few cyclists and two couples in love cuddling on the benches. I first filmed and later sat on the bank with a wheat beer and looked at the water. I love this place. It's almost like coming home every time. That is why the piece that plays the video is also called: The Homecoming It is a classical orchestral piece in A minor with springs, brass and woodwinds and percussion.n.
You candownload the sheet music for the piece from the RalfChristophKaiser.com storetogether with the HD sound file and a mobile version of the video.
At www.TheBedtimestory.online you can get a free mp3 and a small version of the video. The video is available on YouTube in high resolution for streaming and on Tucano-eCards you can send the video as a greeting card with music in the next few days.
It was a peaceful evening for which I am very grateful. Every minute of happiness in company with other people is a blessing for me at the moment.
Thank you for your support! Your Ralf Christoph Kaiser