Schwanenzeit neues Audiodrama by Ralf Christoph Kaiser in Cooperation mit Heiko Klüh jetzt in HD Sound auf -

Schwanenzeit new audio drama by Ralf Christoph Kaiser in cooperation with Heiko Klüh now in HD sound on

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Dear friends of and the art and music of Ralf Christoph Kaiser. Today, as announced, you will get the new radio play on Instagram: "Swan Time" in HD sound. This audio drama is a coproduction with kaiser-musix, Ralf Christoph Kaiser and Heiko Klüh.
The production time was a little longer this time than with the other releases here in the store. All of the nearfield recordings that I made on the Rhine and the wildlife films that were shot were all made in the last 6 months. The film for the radio play with video and photo footage will be released on Tuesday June 1st, 2021. The radio play, i.e. the audio track with the audio drama, is already finished today and is now available live today, Sunday on Monday night, May 31, 2021.
What is there to say about this radio play

First and foremost, it was my concern with this work to summarize the beautiful memories of my time on the Rhine in the nature reserve, with the most important experiences of the last 6 months in relation to the experience of nature and the contact with the animals there in a love story.
The story is simple. Two swans fall in love, get married, have sex, build a nest, hatch eggs and have babies. This is exactly what has happened in the last 6 months, and every time I've been there in that area, the story has continued. I've been there for about 1 hour almost every day for the past 6 months. Every time like a short vacation and local recreation and also a bit of fun in experience and in contact with the world.
The swan mom actually had 6 swan babies and it is a great honor for me to accompany this swan family for a while.
You can now hear the story here in stereo HD sound as 24 bit 96 Khz in loosless wav format, i.e. high resolution audio.
It goes really deep, I promise you and you will definitely want to collect wildlife experiences yourself.
I have learned a lot during these last 6 months and also experienced several surprises.
For example, I noticed that rainy weather is often the better weather to take wildlife pictures undisturbed and alone in nature. Most of the others stay at home, but with a jacket and hat, this weather was fine with me and the animals have often rewarded me for my effort and perseverance.
I would like to thank everyone who supported me in making this work possible.
In particular, I would also like to say thank you to the kiosk there, because whenever I needed someone to talk a few bars or just wanted a coffee and a few cigarettes, you were there. Even in spite of Corona and even in bad weather. So here a big thank you!
Besides, I want toHeiko KlühThank you for his cooperation in this production.
You motivated me to make even more of this project and contributed sensationally beautiful sounds. I would particularly like to mention the love theme with the cello melody, because that is the title melody of the audio drama "Swan Time", so to speak.
You are something of a "sound master" and a "wizard of the ear". No matter how complex or tricky some tasks seem at first, you will always find a suitable solution.
So now the curtain up for the audio drama: "Swan Time"
As a bonus to the radio play, you will get two swan photos of the swan mom with her 6 small children swimming after her, as shown on the cover picture.
Have fun with it
Your team with Ralf Christoph Kaiser