Star theory continued with photos of proof by Ralf Christoph Kaiser January 12th, 2022

Star theory continued with photos of proof by Ralf Christoph Kaiser January 12th, 2022

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Here are three pieces of evidence of my conjecture about connections between different planets and stargazing that I have made over the past 3 years:

1. Picture Jupiter observation from June 2020 8 seconds exposure time
2. Image Jupiter observation from June 14th 2021 1 second exposure time
3. Bild Riegel observation from January 12th, 2022 1 second exposure time
4. Image WEGA observation from March 24, 2021 0.5 seconds exposure time

In all 4 photos planets or moons can be seen in front of the respective star. With longer exposure times like with Jupiter and Rigel between 1 and 8 seconds more, with shorter ones like with Wega 0.5 seconds less.
My guess is now that with these stars we see a previous version of our solar system as an image with all the planets, i.e. the sun and 9 planets, which are shown in different positions in the picture. Based on my observations, I also suspect that the planets orbits in the extracted past realities that we can observe from here cut back to earth with the 9 planets that orbit around the sun are not linear as previously assumed, but that they are at different positions keep appearing and disappearing and everything is twisted in a very chaotic way. The solar system model that we were taught at school is an attempt to explain it using a model that is also installed, because so many believe in it, but it only actually behaves live around the earth as it does in a film, because it is installed. If we observe the extracted past versions of our solar system outside the earth in the sky and understand them using individual stars, then everything can be seen flickering chaotically or accelerated very quickly, so that many positions of the planets are taken within 1 second. As if 1 second were like 1 year on earth physical only in the observation of the starry sky in the distance everything runs very accelerated, because here the entire cosmic course has to take place within approx. One human life in terms of speed. This explains why in some of the pictures of me we can see such crooked worm trajectories from a planet that moves around the star (past sun) and with some planets that have appeared only short points where they are visible because they are there appear and then disappear again and appear elsewhere. I love to observe this with my eyes through the telescope several times. It is like a chaotic flicker and constantly revolving and flickering around each other, apparently completely without a clear repetition of the same path in the same rhythm.
The upholding of belief in Keppler's model of star movements around the sun may certainly make a lot of sense, but actually everything revolves around the earth. Even the sun that we see rising every day is actually the past earth in the still fiery state, which only shines back on earth from the past into the present. As human beings, we can only see from the earth what has been and what is reflected back on the earth. This also explains why Elon Musk only sees black everywhere outside the stratosphere when he shoots his rockets into space. There is nothing, nothing at all outside in space away from the earth, only black. The whole cosmos that we see from the earth is only visible from the earth in our memory of past realities of the earth as an illusion in the starry sky and seems to come back to us from the past as if we were looking in a mirror.
My fervent hope is that everything people see in this mirror from earth will really come true at some point and that we can also travel there in the future, but I believe that this is only possible in other dimensions and does not work as previously suspected a rocket that we shoot into space, but can only become possible by traveling in the other dimensions and also traveling through time. But with our current knowledge and technology, we are far from it.

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